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Career Fair Etiquette

by Etiquette Expert Rebecca Black, The Polite One


Remember to take with you

Know your strengths and practice relating them to the organization’s needs  

Be ready to relate your background to the organization's need. Practice introducing yourself, research the company, and relate how your background and education can benefit the company.

Final note:  

Take good notes!  Handwritten, pertinent follow-up and thank-you notes are essential.  In addition, you want to be able to remember with whom you interviewed and had discussions.


We teach manners

Employers send representatives to career fairs to find the most qualified job applicants. It is a pre-screening activity.  Recruiters may travel all over the country looking for the right person for the job or internship.

With this in mind, a career fair is a perfect place to meet representatives from companies of interest who could assist you in opening the door to opportunities. Moreover, statistics indicate that an internship assists in becoming more hirable.  So, taking the career fair seriously and knowing how to prepare is vital. In fact, preparing for a career fair is very similar to preparing for an interview.  

Please note:   

Dress more casual than you would be for a formal interview, but show them that you are serious!  And always remember, when in doubt, go for the conservative look.  >>

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